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"A 'decision' made with the most love and the biggest heartbreak"

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TFMR Mamas was created by Emma Belle,  podcast host and Mentor, after sadly losing her baby girl, Willow, to TFMR due to Edwards Syndrome in October 2020.  This loss shattered her heart. After battling with infertility and finally being pregnant after 5 rounds of fertility treatment, this simply wasn't a position she ever dreamed her and her husband would ever be in.

Emma believes that humans are not built to get through their hardest days alone or in isolation and that we heal in community. This is why she created this safe supportive space. TFMR Mamas provides Free monthly support groups and paid weekly support group options for TFMR Mamas & Private facebook groups for TFMR Mamas, LGBTQ+, Papas and Grandparents. The TFMR Mamas Hub membership will also launch SOON - CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Emma Belle - Creator of TFMRMamas and Mama to Baby Willow, October 2020


TFMR Mamas offers support groups and resources to help this community feel supported and not alone. 

If you are a TFMR Mama, Papa, LGBTQ+ Parent or Grandparent, I am so deeply sorry for your loss, this is truly something no parent or grandparent  should have to go through, and this is not something you have to face alone.

Please have a look at the support groups page to find something that works for you, you don't have to do this alone.

Emma Belle x

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