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TFMR, Baby loss and Grief safe meditations

Before going through my own TFMR loss with my daughter Willow, I loved meditating and mindfulness and it used to help me so much with looking after my emotional and mental health, these things just don't seem to support how I feel in the same way anymore.

Since her loss I have struggled to not be very triggered and activated by so many mindfulness spaces. Gratitude and 'you are what you attract' messaging is rampant and so hurtful when you are in this space. As we all know there is nothing any of us did to deserve any of this, there is no 'reason' or 'lesson' we need to discover through this trauma.

With all of this in mind we have found some meditations and mindfulness resources that we have listed below, we hope that some of them may help you if you are looking for these types of resources.

TFMR MAMAS Guided Meditation for TFMR - Words by TFMR MAMA KT

or you can listen to it on the TFMR Mamas podcast channel

Guided Meditation for Grief, Loss and Sadness

15 Minute Guided Meditation to Release Suppressed Emotions | Mindful Movement

Baby Loss Meditations by Lucy Livesey - Ellie's Gift Project


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