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Canada , Charities, Organisations & Support for TFMR parents

Hello TFMR Mamas, Please find part 4 of 5 of the TFMR resources blog. This time we have listed the support available to those Terminating for medical reasons in Canada. At the bottom of the blog is also a link to the international resources blog, which is also available to those in Canada.

This blog has been put together by Emma Stevenson, TFMR Mama to baby Riley. If there is anything you would like to add, you can contact me here and let me know.

TFMR Mamas @tfmrmamas

TFMR Mamas provides Support Groups to TFMR Mamas. Hosting Free monthly support groups for TFMR Mamas and also a Free monthly group for TFMR Mamas & Papas. There is also a private support group on Facebook for TFMR Mamas and also dedicated Weekly support groups in intimate groups of 6 TFMR Mamas with tools and support to process our feelings, emotions, triggers and grief of losing our precious babies to TFMR, Termination for medical Reasons. You will find daily posts on social media pages that will help to normalise and humanise the very real and raw emotions that are felt when losing your baby to TFMR.

PAIL Network

Supporting families of Ontario through baby loss with free group and individual peer support

Women’s Health Regina SK

An outpatient service where women can access TFMR and counselling related to this

The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Centre Calgary @pregnancylosssupportcanada

Connect with peer volunteers by contacting their Acute Crisis Line

Twinkle Star Project @twinklestarproject

This charity provide handmade baskets to help you hold your little one & personalized weighted Izzy Bears in addition to Peer to Peer support

Mount Sinai Perinatal Mental Health Counselling

Patients of Mount Sinai can access this service which allows them a perinatal psychiatrist as well as group therapy options

BC Angel Dresses

Charity that specializes in supplying Angel Dress garments to families that have sadly had a pregnancy or infant loss

Healing Hearts Foundation

A volunteer organisation run by Baby and Pregnancy loss parents, they supply cuddle cots as well as offering support groups and grief counselling. They also hold events and offer funding to those who need it

Please also find a link to the international resources blog, which is also available to those in canada.


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