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TFMR 100 Challenge - 100 families, each raising £100, in 100 days.

Ellie's gift app & TFMR mamas are coming together to raise funds to develop a tfmr specific area within the Ellie's Gift app and to expand the free support that is offered within the tfmr mamas support spaces.

The challenge starts on the 16th September 2023 and we will have 100 days as a team to raise £100 each.

Ellie's Gift App is an app that has been launched and designed by Lucy Livesey in honour of her daughter, Ellie, who she said goodbye to through TFMR. The Ellie's Gift app is to help parents prepare to say goodbye and/or birth a baby that has died. This funding will fund a specific area within the app for TFMR Parents.

The 100 familles that take part in the challenge will be offered the opportunity to be part of the parent led focus group that will lead and decide the content and direction of the TFMR Specific space within the app. This will truly be designed for TFMR Parents, by TFMR parents.

The fundraiser funds will be split between the two organisations equally and TFMR Mamas will use the funds to further develop the free support and resources available. We currently have hundreds of registration requests each month and we do not have the resources to respond and process these as quick as we would like to. Part of the funding will go towards improving this along with funding Free Monthly Support groups and expanding the resources we currently offer.

If you would like to be one of our £100 familles you can register to receive the information HERE

Thank you so much for your support and we hope that together we can reach our target!

Emma and Lucy


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