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The White Pumpkin

31st October Halloween baby Loss Traditions

Our one year anniversary of saying goodbye to our baby Willow was the 31st October, Halloween, so we have adopted the white pumpkin tradition and we will carve a 'W' in to a small white pumpkin each year and light a candle inside.

This is the story Of a pumpkin of white What is its place on this autumn night?

Amidst all the orange and colours of fallIt seems out of place;

not belonging at all

But oh what a place, and oh what a story

You see, in its face lies the image of glory

Of babies so small, so incredibly tiny Perfect in purpose, their souls shining brightly No less a baby, a child just the same As one who was held and called by their name This pumpkin is sweet baby boys and girls Who never opened their eyes to this world

Never cried, never feared Protected from pain Touched by their innocence We’re never the same

Lives perfect and pure All things lovely and sweet And we honour them here ‘Till in the stars we meet

 All of my love

Your Mama xxx


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