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Two weeks post natal - TFMR, Termination for Medical Reasons

A collection of poems born of the death of a baby

by Elizabeth Monaghan @buffence TFMR mama to forest

Two weeks post natal

My neighbour came by

She was worried since I haven’t walked past

In a while

Two weeks now


She wondered if I was alright as she passed by my door

Since she hasn't seen me in so long —

Not that long

It’s only been two weeks —

She’s seen the other girl and her two dogs

But she hasn’t seen me in a while

My body is mending fine

No pains

I'm recovering well

Put her mind at ease

Without revealing the landscape of mine

Assured her I’m not suffering the “why-mes”

I’m sad a lot

Because I’m sad because it’s tragic

We lost our baby

In her culture grief is faced head on

A keening at the funeral

In front of the tribe

And then you move on

Life resumes you

Seeds to sow

Fruit to pick

But it’s just been two weeks

Don’t expect to see too much of me

I’ll hide away as long as I need

Two weeks ago I was six months pregnant

And now I’m not pregnant at all

The body and mind

Take time

To recalibrate

She told me all about her Rita

Who had the same we had

And a miscarriage before that

Then she had two perfect children

One of each

x, y

gen z

It’s just more difficult for some people

You see?

She said

That’s what it is

Not everybody has joy straightaway

So I mustn't despair

I mustn’t lose faith

Don’t know the right words to explain

That isn’t what’s making me blue

The mirage of control

Will not renew

Since him.

A collection of poems born of the death of a baby

by Elizabeth Monaghan @buffence


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