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UK & Ireland, Charities, organisations & support for TFMR Parents

Updated: May 5, 2021

Hello TFMR Mamas, Please find part 3 of 5 of the TFMR resources blog. This time we have listed the support available to those Terminating for medical reasons in the UK and Ireland. At the bottom of the blog is also a link to the international resources blog, which is also available to those in the UK and Ireland.

This blog has bene put together by Emma Stevenson, TFMR Mama to baby Riley. If there is anything you would like to add, you can contact me here and let me know.

TFMR Mamas @tfmrmamas

TFMR Mamas provides Support Groups to TFMR Mamas. Hosting Free monthly support groups for TFMR Mamas and also a Free monthly group for TFMR Mamas & Papas. There is also a private support group on Facebook for TFMR Mamas and also dedicated Weekly support groups in intimate groups of 6 TFMR Mamas with tools and support to process our feelings, emotions, triggers and grief of losing our precious babies to TFMR, Termination for medical Reasons. You will find daily posts on social media pages that will help to normalise and humanise the very real and raw emotions that are felt when losing your baby to TFMR.

Arc Antenatal Results and Choices @arcantenatal

Arc is the only national charity that helps Parents & Healthcare Professionals through Antenatal screening and their consequences. They offer non directive advice to those who need it while providing long term support whatever the decision of the Parents. They provide phone & online support as well as a ARC forum which you can access after your TFMR

Tommys @tommys

Tommys also offer online & over the phone support to those facing poor diagnosis

Petals Charity @petalscharity

This charity provide a specialised Baby loss counselling service


4louis provide Memory Boxes, Bereavement rooms, Photography Equipment, Moses Baskets, Cuddle Cots & More. This allows Parents make lasting memories and spend time with their baby while they can

Sands UK @sandscharity

Stillborn & Neonatal death charity who operate support lines & a bereavement app as well as supply Memory Boxes to parents who have lost their baby

CRADLE Charity @cradle_charity

CRADLE offer peer support & counselling while donating CRADLE Comfort Bags for Mamas during their hospital care

Aching Arms Charity @achingarmsuk

Bringing comfort after pregnancy and baby loss they provide Aching Arm Bears to hospitals for Parents. They also have a support line & email address to reach out to.

Simba Charity @simba_team

Simba also supplies Memory Boxes to bereaved parents to help them collect timeless memories.

Beyond Bea Charity @beyondbeacharity

Raising awareness of babyloss & educating health professionals

The Butterfly Project @butterfly_project_rwl

An application which you can download on your smartphone which was set up to help support the baby loss community prior to delivery through mindfulness & relaxation. Available currently on the Google Play Store & Web Version. Coming soon for Iphone users.

Kicks Count @kicks.count

Offering support to parents throughout pregnancy after loss. Focusing on self-care, positivity and the importance of baby movements

Child Bereavement Uk @childbereavementuk

Helping parents to rebuild their lives following the death of their child

Charlies Child Loss Charity @charlieschildloss

A charity set up with the mission of helping men suffering the tragedy that is child loss. Local meeting and online support as well as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Dads Matter Uk

Supporting Dads & Mums through depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress

Children of Jannah @childrenofjannah

Part of the resources Children of Jannah offer include resources for TFMR parents


An Féileacáin @feilecain

Another Irish charity that providing “remembering memory boxes” to help you create memories in hospital to take home with you

Leanbh Mo Chroi & TFMR Ireland @leanbhmochroi & @tfmr_ireland

An Irish based charity that provides support for Parents who face a poor Fetal Diagnosis. They operate phone, online & face to face providing non directive support to Parents who face a difficult decision

The Abortion Support Network @abortionsupportnetwork

ASN provides advice and financial support to residents of Ireland, The Isle of Man, Malta, Gibraltar & Poland. They also offer where possible accommodation if needed in Volunteer Homes.

Irish Family Planning Association @irishfamilyplanning

Practical advice for both Parents facing a poor fetal diagnosis as well as a Counselling Service

Please also find a link to the international resources blog, which is also available to those in the UK and Ireland.


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