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What do we do on our baby’s due date?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Following the loss of your baby through TFMR their due date is often one of the many milestones that you have to overcome without them. It is a date that we receive in early pregnancy and one that we anticipate meeting them on. We never anticipate having to navigate the day without them. Like many things in the TFMR journey our babies’ due date and what to do to mark it means different things to everyone and it is a very personal thing however we do believe that having a plan in place before the day is upon us is best. TFMR Mamas asked all you Mamas what you did or plan to do for your baby’s due date and we have compiled a list of suggestions. We hope you are able to find something that feels right for you to help remember your very loved baby on this day:

· Hold a tea party (for charity or not)

· Plant a tree or rose bush (on your own or with family)

· A night away

· A donation to charity in their name

· Visit their memorial or grave

· Have a picnic (with or without baby's belongings)

· A Butterfly release

· Get a Tattoo in their memory

· Spread their ashes in a place that is special to you

· Spend time with your partner or your loved ones

· A special walk/hike or run or do a challenge for the month of their due date

· A moment of recognition

· Light a candle for them

· A long drive

· Self-care

· Paper lantern (Biodegradable)

· Go to the beach and write their name in the sand

· Give loved ones a basket with a candle and cakes in it to remember your baby

· Buy a dedicated journal for your baby and draw/paint in it for each milestone

· Go to a place you dreamed of bringing your baby to

· Have balloons and cupcakes made in their memory

· Light sparklers for them

· Place a fairy door in the local park or fairy forest with their name on it

· Release balloons (biodegradable) with messages for your baby on them or attached to them

· Random act of kindness in your baby's honor. Print cards to hand out with each act of kindness asking them to pass it onto someone else if they wished with another random act of kindness. Share on your social media asking people to spread kindness in honor of you baby and share it with you

Due dates and other milestones we face can be difficult to navigate alone, there are many Great resources and Support available to us. check out our Charities, Organisations and support blogs here


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